Friday, December 19, 2014

#1- The day started with

              When I actually make time to see my family some sort of secret force seems to get in the way of my plans. So anyway this day started not too long ago on a Tuesday. Shit always goes down on a Tuesday, it is quite ridiculous. I start that Tuesday off with my usual workout which is a run through Dreamwood Ave to Herbert Johnson Rd. And mind you, this run is at freaking 5 am in the morning, so yeah right there was already the bad start to the day. I am usually not technically a morning person ever. But in order to be the responsible daughter that I am I had to reschedule my workout from 7 o'clock to 5 am so that I may spend the day with the family.
             I am your average height of 4'11. May not have distance on me but I have speed, only this time the 30 minute run took about an hour and a half. My alarm didn't exactly get me up at 4:45 but more like 5 o'clock itself. I am pretty pissed as I am getting dressed that I did not get up on time. I couldn't seem to find my old running shoes so I grabbed my boyfriend's shoes. Finally I grab banana from my tiny kitchen table and head out my apartment door in Dreamwood Terrace. Once I am out of those building doors the crisp winter wind welcomes me. I cringe and begin to reminisce on heat. Not even stretching I start to trot off down the right of Dreamwood Terrace. Just my luck it seems to be the opening of the new day care.
            There were cars packed all on Dreamwood Ave and up Herbert Johnson Rd. Dammit. I though to myself. What are the odds. Well there are two things that I could do here in a situation perplexed as this. Number one, I could go turn back around get back in the bed and just wake up at 6:30am before the breakfast reservation at 7:00am. Or number two, I could just suck it up and go around all of these cars. But then I have to think about whose mouth will I hear once I admit I never took the run. My mother. Oh yes my mother all day would just nag me about. I began to rub my tattoo on the back of my neck as I was thinking. I decided to just take a detour and run around the fountain and back. As I made my way around the fountain gravity did not have me securely taken care of. I seem to have just tripped over my own feet and landed flat on my face. My body did not even have time to  react and break my fall. I slowly got up and tried to use the edge of the fountain for support. It is just too damn bad that the edge was slippery and I slid right in. Mind you, it is winter. So I almost died. Maybe not literally but yes almost.
                Back on my hallway one the 4th floor soaking wet I put my key in the door and try to get in my apartment. But for about 7 minutes or so, I'm just in the hallway soaking wet and struggling. My hot neighbor, who by the way is not my boyfriend, just so happens to walk out and ask if I needed any assistance. And trust me that "no" I answered was so quick as I finally barged through my door. Ugh I look at the time and unbelievably it is only 6:30. Still time left to continue on with the planned day with the family. No delay at all.