Monday, March 2, 2015

Number 5

Lately I've been thinking...maybe I should try to live a life of significance. There is an opportunity for me to make a difference today. I am deciding to give a donation and actually get a haircut today.

 Not at all that complicated for me. I have always wanted to give but I've always felt like I was not in the predicament to give. But now I finally have a job and I am have more than enough. Feeling really good about this choice. I don't feel like Opera yet but that is coming soon.

I hurry out of bed on this Saturday morning feeling a bit energized with the rest of the day ahead of me. I turn the TV on and it is already on the eight o'clock news channel.

"Officials are still looking into the mysterious blue paint that has been dispatched from the current train running through. The senior citizens are at risk. I repeat the senior citizens are at risk. They will be relocated at the asylum. That is all of the information we have for now, thank you."

Wow I thought. Maybe I should stop by the asylum first to see if they need help. I grab the things and head out of the door. On the way to the asylum I pass the children's home and make the appointment for my haircut.

I arrive at the asylum and pass a man in all blue paint running around with spray paint. Might I add this is a weird town. At the front desk of the asylum I pass a girl who seems perplexed by some paper work in her hand.

Turns out they didn't need any help after all, as they rudely told me to leave I left. I still donated and got a haircut in the midst of the craziest most bizarre day ever.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


         I finally get out of bed for the night and begin to get ready for the bonfire. Earlier today someone on my hall yelled out that we should all try to attend the bonfire near the train tracks and it was actually in the morning paper so it must be pretty big. I get dress and stare at myself in the mirror as I always do as I think of my sister. My big dark hazel eyes stare back at me. Soon a girl with a new found confidence is in my reflection. I look pretty tonight with this coral shirt that brings out my eyes and these new leather pants I bought. I look vibrant. Something catches my attention at the window in the kitchen. Slowly walking over to check out the startling noise and it is just the wind. And it's also just my nerves. Socializing used to be my strong trait but after the incident with my sister I isolated myself.
         Sooner or later I grabbed my jacket and headed out of my door. As soon as I step outside the crisp cold air reaches the skin on my face first. It's dark and mysterious tonight. The clouds are present overhead and everything seems to be absolutely still. I must have imagined the wind earlier. I already see the fire. Am I late? Can someone even be late for a bonfire? Taking a deep breath I continue walking towards the light. The small town of Dreamwood was asleep at this late hour and the glowing fire ahead may have been the heart. I begin to approach the train tracks and there is a silhouette of a man walking in the same direction as I. I pretty much pick up my paste. I do not know what is coming over me but I really want to say something to this mystery man just for the fun of it.
Walking up next to him I said "Hey, you going to the bonfire? By the way I'm Carmen". At this point I am flirting because in the light of the nearby fire his face is quite appealing and striking if I say so myself.
          He's tall and slim. My heart begins to skip a beat as he speaks to me.
"I'm Rick. I didn't actually know that there was a bond fire going on."
"It was in this morning paper, third page it's an annual event. At least that's what I read." I said as I began watching him a bit more. I turn around and begin to lead the way the burning fire ahead and Rick follows. We continue to talk to each other on the way. This is going so well actually. I normally don't get sentimental but I think we have a connection. Our small talk progresses to talking about our past and how we ended up at Dreamwood. It is quite lovely talking Rick, it's like this guy has a mind of his own and I am drinking it all in. We are finally present at the bonfire where there are about 25 people standing around. It is not that many people as I expected but then again this is Dreamwood. Rick and I seem to drift apart at the fire and I begin to walk around to mingle with some other people.
         Tonight feels different so I am going to do something different. I walk up to a small puppy that looks like an Akita. While petting the animal I feel a sense of calm wash over and vulnerability.
"Okay so...I know you're just a puppy but I feel comfortable talking to you." I sigh and begin to spill out my neglected secret. "So me and my sister were close at one point but now not so much. You see there was out aunt who we were both extremely close to but I was having a bad day and just did not want to be bothered. She was texting me and calling but I refused to reply. My sister had just graduated the day before and had found so much happiness. My aunt ended up dying of a heart attack and she was calling on me for help. My sister blames me for taking away her best friend, her second mom and now she has joined the military recklessly. I know it's all my fault but she will never let it go and never forgive me." I am feeling like a burden has been lifted for this short period of time. I get up as the puppy trots away probably in utter confusion.
        I am able to spot Rick as he moves towards my direction. He sits next to me and begins to say "I am just going to be upfront about this. I think you're pretty and I would like your number." I am taken aback by his forwardness but I end up giving him my number anyway. "Sure" I say as I begin searching for a place to write the number on. "Here just put it in my phone" I start to blush as I put my number in his phone. We talk a bit more about the people and the town. The conversation lulls and we stare at the fire. Rick speaks up.
"Have you ever noticed that there are so many new people in this small town. I swear all of the people I meet here are all new and all came here for some weird half baked idea". I think for a second before I reply. "
I think for a second before I reply "You know I never thought of that."
The fired dies out and we head home. As I sleep tonight a smile creeps up on my face. I cannot wait until I talk to Rick again. But I fall asleep before I have the chance.

Monday, January 19, 2015

#3 Must Be - Apt 3636

"Hey, I think you look sexy and beautiful all at the same time. So don't worry, I'm sure any guy you come in contact with will basically drop down to their knees for you." Just something that my older sister would tell me all the time a few years ago. But now she's off living her life far away from Dreamwood. "Ha" I chuckle to myself reminiscing on the times I shared with my sister. All the times I was in trouble or needed her she was there. She must have gotten tired of me and decided I was no use for her. Oh well, I don't care anyway. There are things I can take of and handle all by myself. Like for an example I will participate in this unnecessary speed dating event at Sonnyside Up Diner just to support a dear friend of mine. I do not need Ava's opinion on anything in my life anymore. I continue to sit in front of the mirror and think to myself. It is more like over thinking actually. A sudden saddness washes over my emotions and takes full control. A sense of worry sneaks up and now I'm feeling paranoid. What if something happens to my sister and I would never know? Let's just get your mind off of this and get ready. I look at myself in the mirror and see myself and my sister. We both shared long legs and a slightly curved structure. But the eyes, oh the eyes are what captures anyone in our presence. Two identical dark hazel eyes with a twinkle always gather attention. But tonight is my night and I need to enjoy it fully. At the door of the Sunnyside Up Diner I nervousely glance around searching for my friend Kat. And well, there is no sign of her. I basically got all dressed for no reason. Its passed six so I am late now. Something catches the corner of my eye and I see a sign on the diner that says "Now Hiring". Well I still haven't heard from the Ice Cream shop so it's worth a try. As I walk in I head to the back bar table and sit. As soon as I sit someone else sits to the left of me. I ignore him and ask one of the workers about the job opening. The guy next to me speaks up and I look to meet his eyes. Interesting I think to myself.

Monday, January 12, 2015

#2 Something Like This

             Standing by the window Carmen glances over the small town through her fourth floor window. Not the prettiest sight she was looking for but it will do for the day. Through the fourth floor window of apartment 3636 D there was nothing but the grey misty fog blanketed over Dreamwood. That should not create a stump in Carmen's plans today besides she's just going to the roof of the Dreamwood Terrace apartment building for an outlet. Pushing open the thick steel door to the roof there a  glob of warm air meets Carmen's lungs. She pushes the warm air aside and  puts her portable speaker on the cold concrete floor. In a motivated mood Carmen chooses FKA Twigs song titled Kicks. The music begins and Carmen caves in. Deeply rooted into the music patterns and rhythm of the song, choreography gracefully leaves her mind and swiftly guides her body. The fog becomes denser and a light rain begins to plunge on Carmen's skin. Too lost in the moment, in her moment, she continues to dance and closely watches how the rain falls. Slowly it plummets then all at once in a constant motion. Carmen stops dancing, slightly out of breath and still mesmerized by condensation, she gathers her things and makes her way down to her apartment room.  I need a job, living off of my parents college fund and dancing in la la land is not getting me anywhere. 
 Carmen thought as she was on her way.
 Still wet Carmen takes a nap and dreams a dreamless sleep.


"Ugh" Carmen sighs as she gets up from her early nap and this time it was on. Her motivation was fueled and she was ready to do something with her life rather than not being in reality. And sadly in this world creativity is not realistic.
So goodbye dance and hello 9-5. 
She thought to herself as the rest of the afternoon went by Carmen tried Kay Rogers, the thrift store, the day care, and the diner. By 6 o'clock in the evening Carmen was drained and soon met her cousin Lena in the park.
"It's just been crazy Lena. I can not get a job." Carmen dramatically cried out to Lena.
"Look, try Jo-Annes Ice Cream Shop. I have a really good friend up there and they actually might be hiring."
Carmen left Lena and began her journey towards Jo-Anne's Ice Cream Shop. She made it to the small shop and entered tentatively. There was a tall slim man at the counter who looked like he was engrossed in an intense conversation with himself. Strange. Carmen thought.
"Hi there" Carmen said to the man.
"Hello" The man said with what sounded like curiosity to Carmen.
"Hi. So yeah I was just wondering if you guys were hiring here" For some odd reason Carmen felt slightly nervous.
"Well if you can scoop ice cream than I'm guessing you got the job"
"Wow are you...are you serious?" Carmen was beginning to loose her composure.
"No actually I was joking but if you visit our website and fill out the application you might  have a chance at standing where I am."
All traces of a smile were dismantled from Carmen's face.
"Okay thank you" She turned around stiffly and stalked off back to her safe rooftop. But there's a problem. Carmen has never wanted anything this bad. "I refuse to give up" She says softly to herself in the warm air. She will get the job at Jo-Anne's Ice Cream Shop if it's the last thing she does in Dreamwood. The sky catches her attention as the it seems that something strange is illuminating the sky. "Wow" Carmen says under her breath. It looks like the stars have decided to live amongst people. They began to plunge from the sky. Carmen continues to sit and watches closley how the stars fall. Slowly it plummets then all at once in a constant motion.
Many, many things in store for me ahead.