Monday, January 19, 2015

#3 Must Be - Apt 3636

"Hey, I think you look sexy and beautiful all at the same time. So don't worry, I'm sure any guy you come in contact with will basically drop down to their knees for you." Just something that my older sister would tell me all the time a few years ago. But now she's off living her life far away from Dreamwood. "Ha" I chuckle to myself reminiscing on the times I shared with my sister. All the times I was in trouble or needed her she was there. She must have gotten tired of me and decided I was no use for her. Oh well, I don't care anyway. There are things I can take of and handle all by myself. Like for an example I will participate in this unnecessary speed dating event at Sonnyside Up Diner just to support a dear friend of mine. I do not need Ava's opinion on anything in my life anymore. I continue to sit in front of the mirror and think to myself. It is more like over thinking actually. A sudden saddness washes over my emotions and takes full control. A sense of worry sneaks up and now I'm feeling paranoid. What if something happens to my sister and I would never know? Let's just get your mind off of this and get ready. I look at myself in the mirror and see myself and my sister. We both shared long legs and a slightly curved structure. But the eyes, oh the eyes are what captures anyone in our presence. Two identical dark hazel eyes with a twinkle always gather attention. But tonight is my night and I need to enjoy it fully. At the door of the Sunnyside Up Diner I nervousely glance around searching for my friend Kat. And well, there is no sign of her. I basically got all dressed for no reason. Its passed six so I am late now. Something catches the corner of my eye and I see a sign on the diner that says "Now Hiring". Well I still haven't heard from the Ice Cream shop so it's worth a try. As I walk in I head to the back bar table and sit. As soon as I sit someone else sits to the left of me. I ignore him and ask one of the workers about the job opening. The guy next to me speaks up and I look to meet his eyes. Interesting I think to myself.

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  1. I liked how you opened up about the complexities in your relationship with your sister, but I think you should elaborate on why you don't see her anymore and why she might die and you wouldn't know.