Monday, March 2, 2015

Number 5

Lately I've been thinking...maybe I should try to live a life of significance. There is an opportunity for me to make a difference today. I am deciding to give a donation and actually get a haircut today.

 Not at all that complicated for me. I have always wanted to give but I've always felt like I was not in the predicament to give. But now I finally have a job and I am have more than enough. Feeling really good about this choice. I don't feel like Opera yet but that is coming soon.

I hurry out of bed on this Saturday morning feeling a bit energized with the rest of the day ahead of me. I turn the TV on and it is already on the eight o'clock news channel.

"Officials are still looking into the mysterious blue paint that has been dispatched from the current train running through. The senior citizens are at risk. I repeat the senior citizens are at risk. They will be relocated at the asylum. That is all of the information we have for now, thank you."

Wow I thought. Maybe I should stop by the asylum first to see if they need help. I grab the things and head out of the door. On the way to the asylum I pass the children's home and make the appointment for my haircut.

I arrive at the asylum and pass a man in all blue paint running around with spray paint. Might I add this is a weird town. At the front desk of the asylum I pass a girl who seems perplexed by some paper work in her hand.

Turns out they didn't need any help after all, as they rudely told me to leave I left. I still donated and got a haircut in the midst of the craziest most bizarre day ever.


  1. What I Know- you have a sister that caused the life slump that you are experiencing.
    Conflict- abandonment by older sister,
    Motivations- prove to sister (and self) that you can live a sustainable life by yourself
    Connection to larger blog- interactions with other characters are a tad superficial, you are slightly stuck in

  2. Why is your character concerned with the old people being relocated to the asylum. It doesn't fit your character, you should chose blog events that give you a better chance to explain your motivations, not just the ones that sound interesting.

  3. 1. Dream: You and your sister change places.
    2. Prophecy: Your sister comes back and is connected with a lot of people in the community.
    3. Suggestion: Talk more about why you had such a strong connection with your sister before your aunt died.